Marianne Sharp

Marianne Sharp is a performer and director who has worked across theatre and performance art settings, often in youth and/or community-based contexts, including direction of prison theatre projects in with Young Offenders (Feltham YOI) and Adult Male prisoners (Playing for Time Theatre, HMP Winchester). She spent large stretches of time between 2008 and 2015 travelling to California to train with and explore the work of Rachel Rosenthal and her Extreme Theatre Ensemble. She is committed to striving for principles of inclusion and care, in arts projects, of the kind that she encountered in Rosenthal’s ensemble practice. Though questions of place/space are not her primary area of enquiry, they consistently feature in aspects of her practice. Sharp is Senior Lecturer at the University of Winchester, where she teaches theatre practice in solo and ensemble contexts, and write about the figure of ‘The Actress’ in recent theatre history.