Phil Stanier

Philip Stanier is artistic director of The Strange Names Collective, Senior Fellow in Learning and Teaching at the University of Winchester, and Dramaturg for Choreographer Sung Im Her. He has been making performance work since 2001, nationally and internationally as far as New Zealand. With his collaborators he makes projects that explore the peculiarity of existence. He is inspired by the complexity and strangeness of the world, and has a deep curiosity about our reciprocal relationship with our environment.

He has worked across a wide range of practices, including performance, writing, fine-art, photography, and video – to create multi-part interdisciplinary performance projects. Current projects include: a solo performance about the act of imagining the perfect murder, a collection of photographs of people ‘being’ books, and a performed novel exploring the notion of ‘Islandness’ in a post climate change world. His work gives people the space to engage with the world through a quirky combination of memory, imagination, and storytelling.


An invitation
An invitation

The Invitation is a performance work where I invite the audience to imagine a hypothetically perfect murder.

The Naming of Clouds

In 2016 we were commissioned by Somerset House in London for for the Utopia 2016 festival. The project ‘The Naming of Clouds’, explored the cultural history of clouds and their use for daydreaming, became the first part in a cycle of works about environment.