Richard Cuming

Richard is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Performing Arts at the University of Winchester, which he joined in 2000.  Previously he was a performer, director, writer and teacher.  His research, teaching and writing are interdisciplinary, exploring the synthesis of contemporary performance forms – site-based performance, installation, and visual art with clown and comedic practices.  He was awarded his practice-led PhD in July 2011 for his thesis The Clown and the Institution, which focused on the relationships between the figure of the clown and the institutions in which the clown plays.

In his previous performance life, he was a founding member of clown troupe Zippo and Company.  In 1986 he established his performance company, fishproductions which made quirky performances for non-theatre spaces and played with the ways in which the fictional world of performance intertwines with and mirrors everyday life. 

Significant projects have included Love Me Tender (1991-92); The Misguided Tour (1991- 2000; 2003- 2018 with Fuse Performance); Mozaik with Belgian Theatre Company Sac a Dos (1992); and The Family Outing Caravan Holiday (2000).  With Fuse Performance he created Café Lente (2005-6); and The Village Fete (2009-10). 

From 2006-2014 he was a member of the editorial Board of Total Theatre magazine, regularly writing and reviewing for it.  He is a Board Member of Platform 4 Theatre Company and has directed shows for the company.

He is writing up two projects A Local Show for Local People and The Family Outing Caravan Holiday which both consider particular uses of space and place in performance.  Both are local projects but had broader significance in the ways in which they played with and used space in performance.