Culture and Diversity: Outdoor Arts in Somerset

Produced by Fuse’s co-director, Sally Mann and John Lee the Quayside Festival explores themes of Place and dramaturgy.


John Lee

In the project, Culture and Diversity: Outdoor Arts in Somerset, Fuse produces the Quayside Festival.  With co-director, Sally Mann, John explores themes of Place and what this means in the dramaturgy and curation of the Festival and the imagery it creates with its surrounding community projects.

These are explored through the narratives informed by questions of belonging and place that inspire and inform the Festival and the creation of cultural trails that connect the towns cultural venues.

As a post-industrial town, Bridgwater is growing again with the impact of local large-scale investment. It has a strong sense of its own identity and has diverse cultural communities. The town has had a low engagement with the arts yet has a strong tradition in Carnival. 

The town occupies a place between the flood plains of the Somerset Levels and the Bristol Channel, and these landscapes will increasingly generate narratives in a time of climate and environmental change.

In this context, between June 2018 to September 2021, Fuse will have delivered a multi-stranded outdoor arts project in Somerset promoting cultural diversity in the arts. At the centre of the project will be three Bridgwater Quayside Festivals with community participatory projects in and around Bridgwater, Sedgemoor and with performances throughout Somerset.