FALLOUT. Portraits of Nuclear Children

The Fallout pieces are audio documentary/drama/poems which create portraits of nuclear children.

The Fallout pieces are audio documentary/drama/poems which create portraits of nuclear children.

They explore the effects on individuals who feel themselves to be at the mercy of chromosomal aberrations caused by events on the other side of the world a generation earlier, and for whom the science that may shine a light on their condition is vague, unproven and unfathomable.

Descendants (children) of the Christmas Island nuclear test veterans were interviewed and their testimony is set against narrative poetry, dramatic flashbacks and voices from other disciplines to create portraits of individuals who embody a sense of the Joseph Masco has termed the nuclear uncanny.

Made in collaboration with the British Nuclear Testing Veterans Association, the Fallout Descendants Group and The University of Winchester, the pieces borrow from verbatim theatre and community drama approaches to testimony and representation as well as from the ‘film poems’ of the Tony Harrison and Simon Armitage. 

Three pieces are available to listen to here. Each piece is 20 minutes long. 

Steve Clifford
A radiation biologist and a reiki healer consider what it means to be an absorber of energies. A childhood experience connects a nuclear child to his father at the bomb blast. A digital picture that hangs on a wall asks us to consider what the nature of exposure.

Shelly Grigg
Where is God in the atom bomb? August 6th; Hiroshima Day, The Feast of the Transfiguration & the day of Corporal Roy Griggs funeral.At his funeral mass, his daughter remembers her father’s journey from nuclear veteran to Franciscan Friar and Brother Hugh considers the nature of real, and metaphorical change.

Sharon Harris

Lights up on three stages; a spotlight shines on a wheelchair-bound dancer, a veteran stands beneath the nuclear lights of Christmas Island, Samuel Beckett’s play Endgame is halfway through and a theatre critic speculates on the nature of change.