The Invitation is a performance work where I invite the audience to imagine a hypothetically perfect murder.
Richard Cumming, Sally Mann, John Lee and Jane Watson lived as a family in a caravan on a rural campsite
Devised/written and performed by Marianne Sharp, with Doug Hammett (The Rachel Rosenthal Company) and with direction by Catherine Church (Platform4).
A horizontally-scrolling, animated film which consists of a slow procession of imagined landscapes, planetary systems and fragmented cities.
The Fallout pieces are audio documentary/drama/poems which create portraits of nuclear children.
A performative paper which examines the African proverb ‘When an elder dies, it is a library burning’.
Produced by Fuse's co-director, Sally Mann and John Lee the Quayside Festival explores themes of Place and dramaturgy.
Millie Taylor, professor of musical theatre, reflects on her interest in the relationships between sound and image.
Richard Cuming has been asked to write a chapter for an edited book  Alternative Comedy Now and Then: Critical Perspectives
How a temporal quality of place – ‘place time’ – can be negotiated and disseminated through somatic-digital processes and their